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 Christmas Lies: Hurting America

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PostSubject: Christmas Lies: Hurting America   Wed Dec 11, 2013 2:18 am


The church in America is an ungodly church that preaches lies as truth, and never is that so apparent than it is at this time of the year (December).  Christmas is based on lies.

Lie # 1. "Jesus is the reason for the season." Oh really!  And where does the Bible say that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season?  But, there is the problem. The churches in America do not care about what the Bible teaches. The church in America has well seasoned ear ticklers, and the sheeple of America flock to them on the way to the slaughter.

Lie # 2. "Keep Christ in Christmas." WHY!? Christ never put himself in Christmas. The Roman Catholic Church did back in the 4th century AD. They had no Biblical authority to do so. But, then again, what does it matter what the Bible says?

That is just two lies. There are many more, which I have written about in various articles.  

First, there is the online booklet called, "Christmas: Catholic by Name, Pagan by Practice."  You can read that here... http://wayoftruth.forumotion.com/t338-christmas-catholic-by-name-pagan-by-practice  And that will about cover it.  

Christmas is idolatry.  And you can see in Romans 1.18-32 what God's response was to idolatry.  So, what the church in America needs to do is heed II Chronicles 7.14. Then America will be healed. And only then will America be healed. It doesn't matter what we do politically, because God gave America over to a debased mind to continually do evil, because of the idolatry of the church in America.

The church of America must repent, turn from it's wicked ways, so God will heal America.  These Christmas lies of the church in America are indeed hurting America.  America might even be better off if they got rid of the church.  Remember Jonah?  We could be seeing the Jonah principle here in America.  Jonah is the church, and America is the boat Jonah was on.  That's what I call the Jonah principle.

What ever the case may be, America's problems are not political.  They are religious.  I make that plain in an article called, "It's Time To Put God Back In the Church."  You can see that here... http://wayoftruth.forumotion.com/t334-it-s-time-to-put-god-back-in

I also wrote an article called, "If My People," that also deals with these issues, which you can read here... http://wayoftruth.forumotion.com/t337-if-my-people

Christmas is a pagan festival that the name "Christmas" was slapped on.  And, because of it, many erroneously believe it is a Christian holiday.  But, it is not.  And America is suffering for it.

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Christmas Lies: Hurting America
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