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 Pray for the church in America

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PostSubject: Pray for the church in America   Wed Jan 01, 2014 6:06 am

I am convinced that the problems we have in America are not political, but religious. For example, Barack Obama has claimed to be a Christian. If he was, would he support abortion or same sex marriage? Of course not. The problem is that we have a Christianity full of non-Christians. In fact, American Christianity is not true Christianity at all. By seeing the signs of the times, I have concluded that God has given American Christianity over to a debased mind because of it's idolatry. See Romans 1.18-32.

Therefore, I believe the church in America should heed what Jehovah told the people of Israel in II Chronicles 7.14. And that is my prayer. Please join me in this prayer.

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Pray for the church in America
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