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 God's Plan

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PostSubject: God's Plan   God's Plan EmptyWed May 14, 2014 10:26 pm

I see that after the fall, God made a plan to redeem man because of his love for man. He made his plan, then he sent it into action, protecting his plan all the way, It's like setting up dominos. When you knock one over they all fall. But, God's plan was a bit more complex than dominos. And he stayed with his plan all the way through till the end result was accomplished. We can see how God brought about the lineage of Christ, and how he protected that line.

So God stayed with his plan until it was complete. His plan was to send Christ to redeem man, and to set up an eternal kingdom that Christ would be the complete ruler, high priest, etc. All of that has been accomplished. So, there are no plans for 2014 except the continuation of the eternal kingdom of Christ.

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God's Plan
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