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 Ministries: People are Still Using CDs- Don't Forget!

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PostSubject: Ministries: People are Still Using CDs- Don't Forget!   Thu Jul 16, 2015 8:07 pm

Quote :
The people that listen to cds are some of the elderly, people that do not have internet access at home and who can’t download mp3 files from your church website, and believe it or not, people that listen to mp3s. Even some people who listen to mp3s still find themselves putting cds in their car cd player to listen to music. Sometimes, people just forget their mp3 player or it breaks, etc. As you can see, recording your cds via a cd recorder is invaluable to a large group of people.

Read more- http://kingdomincblog.com/why-still-use-cds-in-my-ministry/
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Ministries: People are Still Using CDs- Don't Forget!
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