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 Adam for Governor

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Almost 200 years and 175 children after our first couple was banished to New Jersey, which they affectionately call, "Garden State,"

Adam comes home from work one day and announces to Eve that he decided to run for Governor of New Jersey.  Eve retorted in her usual snide way, "What!  You Governor.  No way!"  Adam, sounding more superior for once said, "But look who we have now.  If this Christie fella can get elected, why can't I?  And besides, the people voted for Obama in a big way, even the second time around.  These people are so stupid they will vote for anything.  We should know, we're related to most of them."   For once Eve was speechless.  Adam had never spoke to her with such authority before, and she didn't know how to handle it.  Adam continued, "Besides these people need an honest man to be Governor.  Remember how this guy closed down the lanes and forget he did."

So Adam called for a Scribe Conference at the place he worked.  He wanted to bolster the honest working man image.  He told the Scribes, "Where would New Jersey be without the garbage men.  It's a noble profession."    The Scribes asked Adam a bunch of worthless questions, as they usually do,  which was good.  Adam only knew how to give worthless answers.  The Scribes loved him.  It wasn't long till Adam got the support of the Garbage Union.  He began speaking about clean energy, and keeping everything green.  He talked about providing healthcare for everyone.  He thought this was a message that worked for Obama, it should work for him.  But the people weren't reacting as he thought.  His poll numbers were way down.  Former head coach of the Demons named Thorndike, who was fired by Satan, was running against Adam.  And Thorndike played every dirty trick in the book.  And it was working.

One day, in an unusual serious tone, Eve said, "Adam, are you sure this is what you want to do?  This Thorndike is bringing up all of our dirty ram skins and maple leaves. He is telling everyone about the way you were in Garden State, and how we were banished to New Jersey for punishment, and how our first son killed our younger son, who was then banished to New York City.  Then there's the other cheerleaders in your life."  Adam replied, "Don't worry, I still have my friend from Garden State."  Then Eve said, "But he kicked you out, treated you like a common criminal."  "Not him," Adam replied, "it's his Son, who I have remained in contact with.  He has been closer to me than a brother.  He has been so merciful and kind.  Why he even told me not to worry about my mistakes.  He said he will one day make it right.  In our last chat, he said he would take care of Thorndike.

Because of Adam's faith in the Son of God, he remained positive.  He did not play the same dirty games that his opponent did.  Then one day a popular player for the Angels whose name was Naaman, came and spoke on behalf of Adam.  He spoke of Thorndike as well.  He said that Thorndike was a real mean head coach.  He talked about how Thorndike abused his players, "some of whom were my friends till they went on the wrong path," Naaman said.  Well, Angel fans responded well, and Adam's poll numbers skyrocketed.  

But Satan, the owner of the Demons, which means he owned Thorndike, wasn't finished with Adam.

To be continued.....

study - Do your best to present yourself to God as an approved worker who has nothing to be ashamed of, handling the word of truth with precision. - 2 Timothy 2.15; ISV, isv.com
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Adam for Governor
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