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 A Fragmented Church Moves Away From God

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A Fragmented Church Moves Away From God Empty
PostSubject: A Fragmented Church Moves Away From God   A Fragmented Church Moves Away From God EmptySat Mar 14, 2015 11:17 am

by Tom Lineaweaver

(This article was originally published in the Lebanon Daily News of Lebanon , Pennsylvania on July 15, 1994)

I have lived through a few National crises in my life.  The first one I remember was the assassination of President Kennedy, and the most recent, the murder of Nicole Simpson, former wife of O.J. Simpson, one of our Country's greatest football heroes, who is, at this writing, the prime suspect.

When these crises happen, the Nation is stunned.  We grope for answers.  We can't believe it.  We wonder, "What is going on in this Country?"  

When we get past the  initial shock and amazement, we get to the point where we assess blame.  When it comes to the Simpson case, I have heard all kinds of speculation.  The focus very quickly turned to domestic violence.  O.J. had been accused of beating his ex-wife in the past.  And again, most of us who knew nothing about the past incidents, are stunned.  So now once again the Nation grapples with the harsh reality of domestic violence, spousal abuse, and the murder of, in this case, an ex-wife.  With all the questions, there is a resounding response.  "What's the answer?"

As a nation we look to the Government for the answer.  But it's not there.  We make pleas to society, but that's not the answer either.  Clearly  laws have not worked.  Pleas to society have not worked.  So it's quite obvious where the answer lies.  It's in the Bible.

But therein lies another problem.  The representatives of the Bible - the church - are in frenzied disarray themselves.

God's people are the rudder in society.  As God's people go, so does the Country.  I call it the Jonah principle.  If you'll recall, God told Jonah to go to Nineveh.  Jonah disagreed with God and went another direction.  On a boat, Jonah set sail with people that were not part of Jonah's disobedience.  Those people suffered along with Jonah until Jonah admitted that he was the reason God was pronouncing judgment on that boat.  So they cast Jonah overboard and the boatmen were saved.  The church today is on a direction away from God, and the Country as a whole is suffering because of it.  

The church is fragmented.  From the Catholic fragment to all the denominational fragments, which is a clear violation of Scripture.  In John 17, Jesus prayed for all believers to be "one."  The apostles in their various writings urged the unity of the church.  In the Bible there is no Catholic church, no Presbyterian church, no Baptist church, etc.  The disunity and fragmentation of the church must end if we are to save this Country.  

The church is idolatrous.  The two main holidays on the so called Christian calendar are Christmas and Easter.  But, Christmas and Easter are of pagan origin and they are not at all of Christ.  The church must stop it's idolatry if we are to save this Country.  

Why should a decadent society listen to the message of the Bible, when the Bible says, "Husbands love your wives as Christ loved the church."  If that message were credible today, Nicole Simpson might be alive today.  But a message is only as credible as the messenger.  And the message from God has been entrusted to the church.  But the church in it's fragmentation and idolatry is not a very credible messenger.  How can we expect a sinful world to listen to the message of God when His people, the church, doesn't obey the message of God?

I submit, if the church was a credible messenger of the message of God, Nicole Simpson and many like her might still be alive.  As the Bible says in 2nd Chronicles 7.14, "If My people who are called by My name, humble themselves and pray, and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from Heaven, will forgive their sin, and heal their land."   The judgment of God begins with His people first.  - 1st Peter 4.17.  But as in the case of the boatmen, who felt God's judgment because of Jonah, the United States is feeling God's judgment upon the church.

So often I hear the Religious Right in this Country claim that this Nation has turned it's back on God.  If it has it's only because the church has.  People of the world can't turn their backs on God, because the world, since the fall, has never been moving toward God.  Only if you are moving toward an object can you turn away from it.  Since the world does not move toward God, the world cannot turn their backs on God.  So if anyone has turned their backs on God, it is the church.

Church of the United States, are you going to humble yourself, and pray, and seek God's face and repent of your wicked ways, so the God of Heaven will forgive your sins and heal our land?  Or are you going to allow the Nicole Simpsons of our land to continue to be brutally murdered?   If the messenger of the message of God is not credible, and the messenger says, "Husbands love your wives, and do not be bitter towards them," who will listen?


That article was written 21 years ago.  And the church has not repented.  In fact the church has become even more wicked.  Even 21 years ago I never would have thought that any Pastor would have performed same sex weddings.  If you want to see what's wrong with America, take a good objective look at the church.  

The majority of the people in this Country still attend church somewhere.  If they were all Christians, why is this Country in such a mess.  If our President and our Congress men and women were Christians, why is our Government running amok?   And don't tell me it's not.  They're always talking about who they're going to kill next, especially the conservatives.  

President Obama once said this is not a Christian Nation.  And he was right about that.  American Christianity is not true Christianity.

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A Fragmented Church Moves Away From God
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