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 Earthy vs. Spiritiual Eschatology

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Earthy vs. Spiritiual Eschatology Empty
PostSubject: Earthy vs. Spiritiual Eschatology   Earthy vs. Spiritiual Eschatology EmptyWed Apr 27, 2016 7:19 pm

by Tom Lineaweaver

Very few churches in America teach their doctrine especially when it comes to prophecy from the Bible. They teach the Zionist view of prophecy. And where does Zionist eschatology come from? The Bible? No. What about the Quran? Check this out... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Islamic_eschatology

The names are different, but the teaching is rather much the same. It teaches future resurrection, future judgement (reckoning).

And get this, Islamic eschatology teaches that the Messiah, Jesus the son of Mary will come and set up his kingdom where he will rule the world eternally from Jerusalem.  http://www.imranhosein.org/articles/signs-of-the-last-day/76-ten-major-signs-of-the-last-day-has-one-just-occurred.html

We as preterists know the eschatology taught by many churches today doesn't come from the Bible. But it does come from somewhere. The eschatology being taught by churches doesn't seem to be Christian or Islamic totally. So where does it come from. What about Catholicism? The Catholic church has blended Christianity and paganism for a long time. I think if you look at it, most churches in America teach Catholic Eschatology, which is a little of this and a little of that. Of course they use nomenclature to fit Christianity since they claim to be Christian. See about it here:  http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/05528b.htm

Every major religion has end time teaching. There is one major difference between what they teach, and what was taught by Christ and the apostles. Most teach an earthy eschatology. Christ and the apostles taught a spiritual eschatology. Most teach that a Messiah or redeemer must come to earth and set up a kingdom where he will rule and reign forever. The New Testament plainly teaches that Christ set up a spiritual kingdom, one not made with hands, one that comes without observation. That is totally opposite from earthy eschatology. When it comes to earthy eschatology, you have to see something. We are still in the end times because no one has seen Jesus establish his kingdom. No one has seen him return in his kingdom.

The problem, this earthy eschatology has much influence on politics, especially in the United States, and that needs to change.   I hope it all makes sense.

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Earthy vs. Spiritiual Eschatology
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